It's Springtime!

Yellow Quartzite and Pearl BraceletSpring! Nature's Inspiration

Yay, it’s spring, the time of rebirth, fluttering birds, and budding trees. I love it, the epitome of nature. My creative inspirations are coming from the new spring growth; the green sprouts of the daffodils and yellows buds of the forsythias. While I delve into my spring inspirations, I’m learning there’s more to our spring fever than what is visually apparent. There are events going on behind the scenes that we cannot see. (click 'Read more')

Paper Art and the Creative Process

Handmade paper with embedded leaves

Nature of the creative process


Did you ever play with paper? I think almost everybody has worked with papier-mâché in grade school art class, right? I remember covering a balloon with a wet slurry of flour paste and strips of newspaper; it became the shape of a large egg. Once it dried and hardened, I cut it in half and painted it with bright colors. It became my handmade Easter basket. There's something about the creative process that gives it more meaning, taking materials and turning them into something beautiful or useful. The heart and mind are involved in the creative process.(click 'Read more')

Gemstones, Do they Really Mean Anything?

Chakra BraceletDo Gemstones and Crystals Really Have Energies and Affect Us?

I’ve heard this question on several occasions. I’ve asked myself the very same thing when I researched the gemstones and crystals for their meanings and healing energies. I question gemstones and crystal meanings because there is so much information out there and it all varies. How can I possibly share the right information with my clients? Is there physical evidence, or do people simply put their faith in it? (click Read more)

Wabi-sabi and Nature

Nature a sparkling woodsy creek


Wabi-sabi is the art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness.  An excerpt from Robyn Griggs Lawrence.


Hi and welcome. This is my first blog so please bear with me. I thought I'd do an introduction of sorts, something to share what I'm all about with this Nature in Things business. 

About wabi-sabi, I came across this term while researching information for my business brand. I find it pretty much depicts my inspiration and desire to create things from nature. (click Read more)

Spalting in Natural Wood

natural wood with splat, highly figured, live edge maple

What is Spalt?


It occurred to me in my last post that you might not know what spalt is, but then it occurred to me that it would make a perfect theme for this next post. This photo is a good example of spalted wood. Note the color variation. 

So, technically speaking, spalt is the irregular grain, color and texture that you see in my wood tables, caused by a fungus that affects the life and growth of the tree. In a perfect tree life, you would see regular patterned grain throughout the wood. But with trees that have endured insects and fungus and other stresses, you get what they call 'highly figured' wood full of irregular textures and grain. (Click Read More)

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